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You choose how you wish to collaborate with us. Your company or project might be facing different challenges. Depending on the phase or size of your place we offer a different set of solutions that will suit your needs.

StructureD & Reliable

Community Strategy

How to get started building an engaged community? Usually our customers choose a 90-day activation program to either kickstart their place or take it to the next level. We will focus on 4 deliverables designed to see the bigger picture for your plan.

Still struggling with budget? We are curious to learn: what do you think you need right now level up your place? Let's have a chat. We offer tailor-made solutions for you to start small and grow with our solutions later.

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Feasibility Study

A detailed analysis of your project, defining objectives and KPIs for your places.

Engagement Roadmap

Set up a clear plan for communication channels and building operations.

Kickstarter Plan

An onboarding strategy for users and how to engage them stray away.

Training Academy

Introduction course and guidelines for community managers at your place.

service Tailored to your needs
Before kicking off operations, we first want you to have formed a proper overview of your project. Together with your team we will develop a holistic, 360-degree plan on how to activate your community. During a 90-day process cycle we will focus on the fundamentals for setting up your place.
Online & Offline

Community Management

How to keep your place up and running, both online and offline? Take advantage of our team of experts for live activation management and daily operations. Depending on your team's objectives, challenges and budget we offer on-demand assistance to operate daily communication and task management.

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Virtual Support

Get virtual assistance from our in-house community managers

Virtual Management

Set up a clear digital plan for communications and building operations.

Live Implementation

An onboarding strategy in close collaboration with a live support manager.

Live Management

On location live community engagement manager to build your place.

Simple & Powerful

Community Technology

'Which technology should I use for my community? Should I build my own software and apps our use existing ones? Can't I just use Slack or WhatsApp?' These questions entirely depend on your project. We'll give you this one for free: don't waste any time and money by trying to reinvent the wheel. Let's sit together and find out the best solution for your case, based on our experience.

Tech consulting

A detailed analysis of your project, defining objectives and KPIs to leverage tech.

Tech kickstart

Set up a software implementation plan for all things digital at your place.

Tech integrations

We integrate your digital toolset into one seamless end-to-end product

Full stack DevOps

Build new on-demand features and integrations with us and our partners.

service Tailored to your needs
Integrating technology for your coliving or coworking place starts with setting up clear program requirements. How do you want technology to leverage community activation for your place? Let's help you discover the possibilities.
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