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So how do we build your community?

We help you connect the dots with on-demand consulting and community building solutions, based on 3 main principles.
StructureD & Reliable

Community Strategy

How to get started building an engaged community? Usually our customers choose a 90-day activation program to either kickstart their place or take it to the next level. We will focus on several deliverables designed to see the bigger picture for your plan.

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Online & Offline

Community Management

How to keep your place up and running, both online and offline? Take advantage of our team of experts for live activation management and daily operations. Depending on your team's objectives, challenges and budget we offer on-demand assistance to operate daily communication and task management.

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Simple & Powerful

Community Technology

'Which technology and communication channels should I use for my community? Should I build my own software and apps our use existing ones? Can't I just use Slack or WhatsApp?' These questions entirely depend on your project. Let's sit together and find out the best solution for your case, based on our experience.

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6 tips for building a thriving community

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What our clients say about us

We love our customers and do anything to help them thrive. Together we are on a mission to build places where people love to live and work.

Plan-B / Heijmans

“Our digital community has become indispensable. We have a beautiful place where entrepreneurs work together, share products, sell services and communicate on a daily basis. When residents need something, they first look indoors!”

Kristel Tholen, Location Manager

Leerfabriek KVL / Polimeks

“Thanks to Sowebuild we now have one vibrant communication channel where members find each other, initiatives take off more easily and cross-pollination happens naturally: this is exactly what we were looking for.”

Manon Kitslaar, Communications Manager

Superlofts / Kuub

“This is great. I've already met my neighbours even before moving into my new coliving place. We share updates on the building progress and ideas on decorating the interior of common spaces. A perfect start.”

Kevin Kohler, Coliving Resident
Frequently asked questions

Still got questions?

Don’t worry, building a community can be a lot to wrap your head around. We listed some of our most frequently asked questions below for you. Not getting the answers you need? Let’s have a chat.

Can I start collaboration with Sowebuild at any given moment?

Yes, with our tailored consulting and management solutions you can step in at any moment in time. We have different programs adjusted to the different phases and scale of coworking or coliving projects.

I'm already using community software and apps. Now what?

No problem. We can use your own tools and apps to start your community engagement program. We can evaluate together how it is working out for you at this moment in time and create a roadmap to grow your active user database.

Can't I just use facebook, whatsapp or slack for my community?

Absolutely. Social media, messaging and teamwork apps are great to easily kick off communications. But for on the long run you might want to strengthen your brand, safeguard user privacy and structurise communication and data in a way that you actually can use the information to further develop your place.

Can I maybe try your app for a few weeks?

No. We are very clear in our conviction that it takes time to build a community. Building an engaged place means starting bottom-up, start with the residents. An activation program can generate success in a few months, an engaged community takes at least a year to develop. In case you missed it: communities are not built by software or apps. Like many other meaningful things in life, real connection doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience and dedication to build something in co-creation with your members.

How does Sowebuild / Buildr App handle data & privacy for users?

We take our user's privacy very serious. You can find our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions here. We also don't own user data: your data is owned by you and your users.
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