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The future of technology to build engaging communities

Over the last few years we have seen major shifts in the use of technology, enabling us to be more globally connected, adding new layers of experience to our daily physical and social life. And yet things are only about to get started. The rise of social media, digital platforms, artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things will create new ways for us communicating with our environment. So how do we leverage technology to add value for the future of places where people live and work and how can it help to build meaningful places?

We like to share vision towards the future of places, using technology not merely as an endgoal but as a useful tool to foster places to thrive. Let's sit down together with you to explore what this means for your place.

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Simplicity in a complex world

Building systems that work with and for your place.

In a time where communities and their demand for experience get more and more complex, simple end-to-end solutions are needed. You have a perfect community strategy in place, now how could we streamline operations even better and build experience? And how to elevate your place by adding booking options and virtual assistance to your property? Of course implementing technology alone is not a sufficient way to generate a thriving neighbourhood, but it can help simplify processes, streamline communication between and with the tenants as well as increase engagement rates and lower operation costs.

Let Sowebuild be your eyes and ears to develop a holistic community engagement system with the right toolkit that works for your place.

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We've got you Covered

We love to collaborate with our trusted partners in proptech

Together with a team of experts in the coliving and coworking industry, we are working towards a comprehensive ecosystem to connect partners and integrate their technology solutions into one seamless tenant user experience platform, with a dashboard for managers and apps for residents. By doing so, we strive to build an end-to-end product solution that works for your place. We strive for our technology to make impact on your building and it's environment.

Are you interested to partner up with us? Don't hesitate reaching out to get more information on our partner program. We can work with our dedicated development team to build the next generation platform for you.

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We have our white label Buildr community app available for you to use, or we start with the tools that you are already using yourself.
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